The Process: Babysitter

Become a Simply Sitting member and give us information about your family and the qualifications you are seeking in a sitter.  Your information is stored in our confidential online system.  You will be prompted to pay a $100 application and processing fee for a one year membership to Simply Sitting.

Submit the babysitter request form online, email- ginny@simplysitting.net or call 919-414-7741.

We instantly notify you that your request has been received

Your top choice sitters are contacted first, but if they are not available, we will provide you with another highly qualified babysitter.

Simply Sitting will send you your sitters experience and basic background information.  You are asked to contact your sitter before the initial job in order to establish a line of direct communication and a relationship with the person who will be caring for your children

If it is a repeat sitter, we can save you the phone call and guarantee they arrive at the requested date and time.

Please discuss and agree upon the compensation with your sitter before the job begins.  All sitters for Simply Sitting, LLC work as independent contractors and therefore set their own pay rate.  They are to be paid the agreed upon amount at the completion of the job.

We encourage you to share your feedback about your experience with Simply Sitting, LLC.  Your feedback is confidential and is not shared with our sitters.  This feedback is a tool to continually screen Simply Sitting sitters.

As explained in the agreement of services, we ask that you schedule all jobs through Simply Sitting, LLC, unless you choose our ‘go direct’ option, allowing you to contact the sitter and schedule jobs at your convenience.  If the agreement of services is not upheld, it will result in the family’s dissociation from Simply Sitting, LLC and all of its resources.


The Process: Nanny

Submit a nanny request online, send an email to ginny@simplysitting.net  or call 919-414-7741

Before the request is processed, we require you to become a member of Simply Sitting, LLC which costs $100 annually.  This serves as your deposit to begin the nanny search.  Only $50 of the deposit is refundable.

Each candidate is interviewed and thoroughly screened.  Through this process, we determine who we believe would be the best fit for your family.

Once candidates are selected, an interview between you and the potential nannies is scheduled.  A Simply Sitting, LLC representative can also be present for the interview at your request.

Once you have selected a nanny you would like to hire, we contact the nanny and offer them the position at the hourly/weekly rate you are offering.

An employment contract is written based on the details we have discussed about the position. The contract is signed by the nanny, family and a Simply Sitting, LLC representative.

Simply Sitting, LLC will bill you two weeks after the start date once you are completely satisfied with the placement.

The nanny placement fee includes the labor of the nanny

Simply Sitting, LLC will provide a replacement for your nanny free of charge if they are unable to be present during the times outlined on the contract.

Screening Process

Online Application
Simply Sitting, LLC applicants must be prepared to provide personal information, babysitting experience, and at least three professional references.  All applicants are required to sign an agreement of services which includes basic babysitting expectations.  Simply Sitting, LLC has a zero tolerance policy and makes no exceptions when these expectations are broken.  The result of not upholding these expectations is immediate dissociation from Simply Sitting, LLC and all of its resources.

Personal Interview
A personal interview with potential candidates and a Simply Sitting, LLC representative is performed to ensure that the candidate is highly qualified and shares the same values and philosophies of Simply Sitting, LLC sitters.

Background Check
Every sitter must complete a certified background check.  This includes criminal history and driving record.

Continual Evaluation
We encourage families to submit feedback on their experiences with Simply Sitting, LLC.  The results are thoroughly reviewed and taken into consideration.