“We have had a FANTASTIC experience- the sitters we have had have been super reliable, trustworthy, and definitely felt comfortable leaving Wyatt in their care.  I’ll also make sure to spread the word about how great Simply Sitting is.” -April Cormier

“Simply Sitting is simply awesome!  Finding a sitter has never been easier.  I used to stress about finding good and reliable sitters, but I do not have to worry anymore.  Simply Sitting has always been able to find me a good sitter when I needed one.  All of the sitters from Simply Sitting have been qualified, punctual and professional.  I have always requested “fun” sitters and my kids have not been disappointed.  Ever since I started using Simply Sitting, my younger daughter started asking, “who’s going to play with us tonight?”  My kids no longer complain when they have to stay with a sitter.  It makes having to leave them a whole lot easier.  If you need a sitter, do not hesitate to use this service.  You will not regret it!” 
-Lo Benavides

“We used Melanie R. and I could not have been more impressed . She was absolutely wonderful!!! Top notch I will certainly try to get her next time .  I am so pleased with your service!”
-Meredith Barbour

“Thanks again Ginny!  And by the way, Jessica was without a doubt the best babysitter I have ever had.  The kids absolutely loved her!  I want to let you know how much I appreciate what you do and your unparalleled professionalism.  You have never failed to meet my expectations…in fact, you exceed them every time.  Not only with the quality babysitters in your network, but also your ability to fulfill any of my requests-no matter how short notice or last minute they are.” -Kim Coats

“I just wanted to drop a note of praise for Kimberlin and Danielle!  They were punctual, flexible, positive, fun, capable, and wonderful.  The kids loved them and they were easy to have around.  With 13 kids it was not an easy job but they handled it beautifully and without complaint.  It would not have been the same vacation without them! Thank you so much for the introduction.  I hope to use your services in the future.  Keep me posted on your growth in the DC area!”
-Lexi McKay

“I can not say enough good things about Cherry!  She had been a complete blessing and godsend for our family. I hope she will stay as long as she can with us. THANK YOU! -Beckie Jarrett

“Just want to drop you a quick note to let you know that Jennifer was fabulous! I understand that this was her first time with Simply Sitting. She was so sweet and attentive. Emmy absolutely loved her! Thanks so much for all you do!” -Abbie Wright

“Thank you, Simply Sitting, for your help in finding a last minute sitter! It was such a relief to know that my children were in good hands while we were out of the house. From the prompt response, to the babysitter’s resume, to the actual (fabulous!!) sitter, the Simply Sitting process was easy to use — it is nice to have a trusted source for good sitters!! We will be calling again!” -Sara Perdue

“I was also going to say about Brittany – she really is fantastic. I didn’t have all my typical stuff together (diaper log, ect) because I just wanted to make it as easy as possible. She was great with playing with Colton and kept track of all the important things (eating, sleeping, pooping) without me asking. I had some serious car issues (I flushed my keys down the toilet – seriously this has been a disastrous week) and she was really really great about the situation. Thanks again!” -Maggie P

“Thanks to Ginny I can already know that I am going to be able to enjoy a fun day in Chapel Hill…even though I was panicked about finding a sitter for the holiday weekend! It was easy and I lived having it check off my list. GO HEELS! And Go Simply Sitting!”
-Megan Adkins

“Ginny matched us last year with the greatest sitter, Mackenzie Davis, whom my children loved dearly! I felt completely confident that my children were in capable hands, which is a lifesaver for working moms. Simply Sitting takes all of the hassle out of finding a regular after school sitter, as well as helping us out super quick if something unexpected comes up! We definitely count on Ginny to help us with all our childcare needs!” -Holly Austin

“Simply Sitting is wonderful. They have been so helpful with last minute placements as well as longer term placements. An on top of it all, the sitters we have had are all very capable, intelligent and hard-working. They made me feel very comfortable about leaving my children in their care.” -Beth Alley

“Simply Sitting has made my life so much easier! Whether we’re in Raleigh or at the beach, Ginny is always quick to respond with capable, cute and trustworthy sitters. We are VERY lucky to have this valuable service!” -Kathie Stronach

“Simply sitting takes the hassle out of finding a sitter…not only bc of the simplicity but also the confidence I have that it will be a responsible, engaging sitter and Ginny will make it happen…even at times last minute. Can’t say enough good things about the service. In fact I rarely request a specific sitter anymore because I know they are all stellar.” -Scotti McConnell

“As a working mom, having reliable childcare is essential to my sanity. Ginny is consistently able to match us with sitters who are fun, responsible and who truly enjoy being with children. I know that I can call Ginny when I have an unexpected schedule change or when I decide that I can’t survive the weekend without a last minute date night. Just knowing that Ginny is only a phone call or an email away reduces my stress level considerably!” -Michelle Douglas

“We LOVE Simply Sitting!  Ginny has always sent us fabulous sitters.  We have 5 children and, so when I say fabulous, I mean these girls are super capable, responsible, have great communication skills and do not run from a challenge!  Ginny is a joy to deal with also-very quick responses, understands our needs and always makes sure we are taken care of.  Simply Sitting has made my life easier-I know I can always book a sitter without stress or hassle and that she will be up for the task.  Many thanks for a fabulous service!” -Susan Kelly

“Simply Sitting is the busy mom’s best friend! I love the flexibility of being able to get a reliable sitter whenever I need one. Whether it’s an evening meeting for work, a Sunday basketball game, a teacher work day, or a date night, I know I can get a wonderful sitter for my kids by just contacting Ginny. I tell all of my friends with kids about Simply Sitting!” -Kelly Laraway

“Simply Sitting has been very reliable and an absolutely great service.  My wife and I both own small businesses and Simply Sitting has been invaluable to our hectic schedules.” -Marshall Rich

“Ginny found us the GREATEST sitter we could have ever hoped for!  Simply Sitting is definitely worth the extra money because you know you are getting a superstar sitter who is not only responsible and reliable, but also a positive role model who loves children.  I trust our sitter from Simply Sitting completely and know that when my child is with her, she is safe and having fun.  And it’s a comfort to know that if I ever need another sitter, even on short notice, Ginny is just a phone call away.  I am so grateful for Simply Sitting!”
-Kathryn Williams

“Simply sitting has been a lifesaver for me! With three young children I have a lot of schedules to juggle and things pop up at the last minute. I don’t have hours to spend on the phone trying to find a sitter. With one simple phone call or email Ginny will secure a great babysitter. Everyone we have used has been wonderful and very reliable. I highly recommend Simply Sitting. It has taken the panic out of finding a babysitter!” -Corey Monk

“Ginny Hager, Simply Sitting has consistently provided our family with quality, accountable, responsible, and energetic baby sitters. Our three children always enjoy their time with the sitters and frequently ask “can she come back and play again soon?”  On numerous occasions, I have needed a sitter under very short notice and to my amazement Simply Sitting went above and beyond to place us with an outstanding sitter.  Many thanks to Simply Sitting for working with our constantly changing schedule!” – Libby Stubbs

“Simply sitting is just one phone call away.  This is what I love about them.  I do not have to call several ladies and wait for one of them to call me back.  No matter what day or what time Simply Sitting has always found a sitter.  One day I came home to my baby boy flirting with Elizabeth. She is just one of the many wonderful ladies with Simply Sitting.  The service is fabulous for every mother.” – Joanna Worthington

“My son has loved every one of the sitters we have had from Simply Sitting! They are very friendly and interactive as well as responsible and on-time. We have enjoyed using this service!” –Virginia Yopp

“Simply Sitting is now the only resource I use when seeking childcare!  Ginny is quick to respond with a reliable, responsible sitter – usually within 30 minutes of my request!  She has helped me find childcare for an evening out, to cover hours during the workday or in a last minute situation.   I tell other moms to quit calling around searching for childcare and let Simply Sitting do all the legwork.  It’s simple, easy and my kids love the babysitters she refers.” –Amy Merriman

Loved my babysitting experiences with Simply Sitting while I was in Raleigh…a win-win situation on both ends! I would definitely recommend this venture for all! Ginny was a pleasure to work with, and the families/children make you feel right at home!:) Miss you guys and hope to see you all soon for some overnight/weekend sits! xoxo -Carli Herring


” I thought your process was excellent.  I had called 5 sitters last minute and all were booked.  Within just 5 minutes or so, I had someone booked and all details arranged upon calling simply sitting.  I will definitely recommend you to friends.  I will also likely use you again” -Sara M.